What is the LifeWrap NASG?


About the LifeWrap NASG

The Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG) is a lightweight (1.5kg), washable and reusable first aid compression device made of neoprene fastened with velcro over a foam compression ball.  Once in place, the LifeWrap NASG applies enough circumferential counter pressure to decrease blood loss and reverse shock by increasing blood pressure to the heart, brain, and lungs.  In so doing, it reverses hypovolaemic shock resulting from Obstetric Haemorrhage, and has proven effective in stabilising patients for up to 3 days, while patients are transported to a health centre with the ability to administer blood transfusions and provide definitive medical or surgical interventions.

We believe so much in, and are so committed to increasing access to the LifeWrap NASG and the results it can achieve,  that we will donate a percentage of proceeds from the sales of all LifeWrap NASGs, to make FREE LifeWraps available to specific causes.


Read more:

  • The 2012 WHO Recommendations for the Prevention and Treatment of PPH includes the use of the NASG as a temporizing measure until appropriate care is available
  • In Niger, a woman accompanying her relative expressed such joy at how the patient immediately looked herself again after the NASG was applied - anecdote from Health Professional in Niger
  • 'The NASG is a true life saving device for women in shock...and needs to be available for pregnant women everywhere and particularly in low resource countries' - Andre B. Lalonde Chai Int'l Federation of Gyneacology and Obstetrics