About Us


NASG opened image 20150620LifeWrap International is a subsidiary of a global procurement manufacturing conglomerate specialising in the production of products across a range of different categories. With extensive experience in neoprene (SBR & CR) derived products and working in conjunction with several philanthropic funded organisations we have developed an improved Neoprene which has increased the life-span of the LifeWrap NASG by over 2 times than that previously being attained.  Through support of our NGO partners, we have conducted extensive testing of the new Neoprene for the LifeWrap NASG and we believe this product to be the most long lasting, and most cost efficient product on the market.




Dr. Suellen MillerLifeWrap International works closely with the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) and the Safe Motherhood Program and particularly with Dr. Suellen Miller (pictured - centre) who has very much been the global lead advocate of the LifeWrap NASG. We are honoured to have Dr.Miller as the Amabassador of the LifeWrap NASG.



 Photo courtesy of Dr.Miller

We believe so much in, and are so committed to increasing access to the LifeWrap NASG and the results it can achieve, that we will donate a percentage of proceeds from the sales of all LifeWrap NASGs to make FREE LifeWraps available to specific causes.  More info on our sales/donation program coming soon...